One Friday Night Adventure (part 1)

Hi, my name is Andrew, and I just had to share a story of mine that really gives me goosebumps every time I think about it. Me and some friends of mine always used to go hit the clubs in Moscow on Friday nights. I don’t really know what we were exactly looking for. Maybe some drinking and dancing. I know my friends were looking for cute guys to take home, but I was never really into that. That’s probably why it bothered me to continually go to these discos and not find what I truly wanted; a guy who really made my heart flutter and that I could see having a long relationship with. I wasn’t into one-night stands, and that’s pretty much what everyone at the clubs were into. The combination of loud music and strong drinks must really have an effect on the penis for most gay guys.

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Favorite Gay Webcam

Hi, guys! I’ve recently found a guy from CA who loves gay live webcam chat as much as I do! We talked a lot about gay webcam performers and it appeared we have similar tastes in that topic.
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So, he gave him a gay ride!

Hi everybody. It’s been a long time since my last post… Well, there were many things to do! Now I’m back with new stories, I’ve got a lot to say to you;)
I met my friend Dmitriy recently. We didn’t see each other since we finished school, and it was a pleasant surprise for me!
Dmitriy was sitting in front of me in the café with an absolutely idiotic look on his face – radiant smile, glazy eyes, paying no attention to what I was saying to him. We agreed to meet here and talk about our new project – the task we were given this week at the university. And he was sitting there, all in a chillout, ignoring my attempts for an efficient talk.
‘Now I’m a gay!’ – he said. My mouth shut wide open. He knew that I have a pansy lover and am fond of gay love. But I never thought, he would be so direct with sharing some personal things with me.
…That day he was in a rush and one moment realized that he would be late for classes, in case he didn’t hitch a ride. So he thumbed, and when the car stopped –asked to give him a ride. A driver – a 30-years bully, smiled and agreed.
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Tyler Bradley in action! (18+)

I had some free time this weekend and decided not to waste it;)
While browsing one of my favorite porn sites, I’ve discovered new porn actor – Tyler Bradley. He really knows how to deal with boys! Perfect blowjob, great ass fucking. Tyler and another hot twink – Kyle Foxxx – make a great sex duet together! Some video snapshots are below, see for yourself!

Gay porn actors: Tyler Bradley, Kyle Foxxx

Tyler Bradley and Kyle Foxxx Tyler Bradley and Kyle Foxxx

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What happened on the backseat of a taxi

Hi! Happy New Year to everyone!
Wow, what a weekend it was! My friends surprised me big deal the night we went to the club, I also think that they surprised themselves even more… Still Sunday began – the day we were invited to a family party (it’s not the point where to and by whom, so I won’t dwell on it). So, we ordered a taxi, as I didn’t want to take my car for that evening. Time passed by, we got prepared; I got elevated as always by Nick’s stiff naked body, but as we had no time at all I just tightened my jaws and told myself to wait till the evening. Nick saw my yearnings and smiled provocatively. ‘Dash it all!’ – I thought, but a phone-ring was like a cold shower on me. It was a girl from the taxi service, who said that our taxi’d arrived. And we went out.
So we settled in a taxi and started our way to the point of destination. The taxi-driver was a real blabber, he chatted about everything from his low salary up to the president’s wife and involved us into this senseless talk by asking silly questions. Still, it was fun, and we shared our views with pleasure. Besides, it had to be a long ride, and we were glad to busy ourselves instead of being bored.
So, I was arguing with the driver about some point, I can’t even remember which concretely, when an unexpected thing made me loose my thought – all of my thoughts to be direct. All of a sudden I felt Nick’s hand lay on my thigh and squeezed it softly. What happened on the backseat of a taxi – Read more »